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Uniao Sovietica

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Maddox on Jan 04 2017.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
the Leader Cristiano Ronaldosz Elite Knight 218 offline
Pai Jack Elder Druid 279 offline
Vitao Tankafull Elite Knight 235 offline
a Vice-Leader Dark Spark Elder Druid 281 offline
a Member Agachamento Elite Knight 211 offline
Allaboutthemoney Elder Druid 249 offline
Angola Teama Elder Druid 234 offline
Chapeleiro Voltou Royal Paladin 187 offline
Dark Xucrute Master Sorcerer 254 offline
Elderzovisk Elder Druid 205 offline
Elizabeth Bethory Royal Paladin 255 offline
Elizabeth Schoemberg Elder Druid 240 offline
Expveteran Royal Paladin 261 offline
Flezsierr Royal Paladin 250 offline
Jack Norris Elder Druid 212 offline
Juliano Das Gatas Master Sorcerer 206 offline
Kanxa Elite Knight 253 offline
Krol Wszystkich Royal Paladin 219 offline
Kyserax Master Sorcerer 248 offline
Lucasgod Elder Druid 230 offline
Machista Royal Paladin 220 offline
Marlon Isbaack Master Sorcerer 229 offline
Marlon Isback Elder Druid 200 offline
Mongol Royal Paladin 296 offline
Nami Namiye Elder Druid 193 offline
Nos Que Voa Elder Druid 218 offline
Old Brunao Elder Druid 240 offline
Oznek Elder Druid 198 offline
Pablyn Exquisitler Master Sorcerer 220 offline
Pablyn Favorece Master Sorcerer 248 offline
Push Insanelxd Elder Druid 238 offline
Rf Dioakley Master Sorcerer 231 offline
Ro Bertinha Elite Knight 252 offline
Ro Bertinho Elder Druid 270 offline
Rushsepossivel Royal Paladin 269 offline
Rushsepossivell Elder Druid 214 offline
Seo Manga Elite Knight 281 offline
Skins Master Sorcerer 247 offline
Stolk Elder Druid 214 offline
Stolk Tanker Master Sorcerer 206 offline
Stomper Elder Druid 246 offline
Vaull Rhito Elder Druid 262 offline
Vitin Dbike Elder Druid 244 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Bucetossauros Jan 12 2017
Floresvaldo Coveiro Jan 12 2017
Vodka Is Back Jan 04 2017

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